How to add Multiple page pdf for view?

can any one guide me how to add multiple page pdf for offline view?like image

@Mathan_kumar: Use a button for webview of shared pdf link. Then the user can save it for offline use.
I shared using dropbox and it opens in browser for me. I was able to save it to iCloud.
You will have to figure out the way to show webview based on your host.

Webview of PDF-> image should work as well.


Which host would be best for webview?

I’ve tried Google Drive, iCloud and Adobe cloud but none of these works with webview.

Any ideas?

I have been using Dropbox. One has change its link ending for web view to work. My file link ends in “ /file”. I don’t remember where I read it but the idea is to remove Dropbox trying to open the file in its own reader. Hope this helps. Let me know if it doesn’t.

Do you have an example?

I looked up the pdf file name in Glide database. You need to add “/?raw=1” after “.pdf” in your link (it shows up as file to user). DM me the link you are using and I will update it for you.
Here is an example


Hi S_C,
I set the pdf link to be seen by anyone with the link.
I did erase everything after .pdf and placed /?raw=1 in it.

I just tried to do it and it is not showing up through the webview component.
Any idea what could be wrong with what I did there?

I used the same link with the link component and it is showing up when i click on it tho.

Thank you.

You can try this.

Thanks. you saved me