How to add images automated to Google Sheets?

I work on a little plan. I want to make an online magazine that exists via images on Twitter and Instagram and Images in Glide.
I make those images automated via Bannerbear. How do I get them automated in Glide? Should I first send them to Airtable where it’s possible to add images and then to Google Sheets where the url refers to the Airtable url? Or am I making things to complex and are there other ways?


@erwblo How did you get in with this? How do you find working with bannerbear?

I have used Bannerbear for two projects of automated image production, those went fine! Wouldnt call myself an expert on the subject but my experience was good.


@erwblo Been playing with bannerbear today. Pretty good and powerful when using with glide and zapier. Thanks for sharing with us.