How to add horizontal values in a circle graph

So the circle chart is beautiful. But I only a way to make it work with vertical data.
But how do I make it read horizontal data?

Product Brand Product Detail Views Product Checkouts Unique Purchases
Finance 286 14 1
Overige kantoor 75 14 6
HR 328 20 9

So the numbers 286, 14 and 1 need to be shown in the circle chart

Anybody know a sollution?

How do you expect the chart to look like with those columns? The full circle would be 286, then checkout and unique purchases are portions of that circle?

Use a template column to form this:

More info:

no 286+14+1 would be a full circle. Just like it works right now. but then with horizontal values

A template column with js or with the link? (testing it)

Thanks mate, works like a charm. Not a glide-way, but it works!

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We use Quickchart a lot. In my opinion Glide’s chart is limited compared to what Quickchart can provide. A bit of diving in their sandbox environment, a bit of effort to construct the right data to pass in, then copy the sandbox result code back to a construct URL column, then you have a really good chart to display.

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Any idea if Quickchart allows funnels? I don’t see that option in their chart gallery. A funnel might be what @Sidney_Kunst is looking for (view → cart → purchase).

Since Quickchart is built on Chart.js I hope that this applies as well.

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The bar chart will work. Not the prettiest for data visualization purposes, but it’ll work.

For a funnel, I had something like this in mind. It’s quite visual: