How to add files in glide table

Hi there. I would like to manually add (not for users) on Glide table some short files (mp3 format). Is it possible to do it in some way directly on the table? For example: to upload 5…10 different files that I can change when needed. Right now I’m using url pointing outside, but I would like to have them only on Glide. Thanks!

You can add a File Picker to your app to upload files.

If you want to do it manually in the table, maybe??? you can change the column type to an image type, and then drag and drop your mp3s into each cell. Not sure though. The file picker would work for sure.

With file picker is it possible to do multiple files at once?

Yes, but maybe not the way you want. You can add a Multiple Files column which will allow the File Picker to accept multiple files at once, but they will all be stored in one single cell.

You only mentioned 5-10 files, which wouldn’t take long to do individually.

Ye, sure. Thanks a lot, Jeff

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By the way, the drag an drop on image file doesn’t work. Looks like that it uploads, but then the cell is blank and if you click it says “image not found”.

It looks blank because it’s an image type column and there is no image to render. It’s still there though. Change the column type to text and you will see the url.