How to add a default user admin for all users


I would like to have an admin user that can manage all the users but I don’t know how can I add a default row owner, for all users, that will also be automatically added for new users, without manually modifying any data.

Any suggestions ?

How are new users currently created?

If they are automatically added the first time a user signs in, then probably the best method is to have a short onboarding flow, and add your Admin row owner value as part of this flow.

@Darren_Murphy Is there a easier way to create the onboarding flow , like targeting a certain screen after the first sign up ?

Yes, that’s the usual way to do it. Have a dedicated screen/tab that’s only visible when one or more key pieces of information are missing from the User Profile. And then set the opposite visibility condition on every other tab. Use the User Profile row as the source of the screen, and provide an Edit button. Then use an onSubmit action to set your Admin row owner.

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@Darren_Murphy , this case works only if the app requires users to sign in, if the sign in is optionally then all the tabs will be hidden and I want to show the tabs to the users and if they sign in, to be able to moderate them in an admin panel.

You should be able to tweak the tab visibility so that it works correctly for both cases.