How to access Google Shared Drives

My app’s URL: not available yet.

I want to generate a new App from our company’s Google Shared Drive.
However, when I click on ‘+’ it only gives me options from my personal Google Drive. How do I select a sheet from our shared drive?


Do you connect Glide using your corporate Google account? In order to achieve that, you must be able to log in the corporate Google account, and so corporate Google drive.

… Unless a folder of your company 's drive is shared with your personal account. And so, not sure you can create an app this way with Glide. I have to test (but someone else may know or the Glide team may answer before my test)

Thanks Christophe - I am the administrator for the shared Google drive. Still doesn’t work.

It seems you can’t access the contents of a share drive - to be confirmed. If the sheet already exists in the company’s drive, you can share it with your personal account, then it should work, you should be a lbke to build an app using this sheet. I have tested, it works on my side. Unfortunately, I have no shared folder with sheet to try the first scenario…

I’ve upgraded to Pro, which is meant to allow you to use Shared Drives. In fact, this is the reason I upgraded :slight_smile:

Hum yes, you’re right…

@Aditya_Mathur have you searched for the sheet in the file picker? At the moment you can’t browse to a location on a shared drive inside the file picker - you have to search. Once you’ve searched and selected it you should be given this popup dialogue:

Thanks @JackVaughan. Will try this approach next time.
I saved the underlying Google sheet (through Glide) from my personal drive to the shared one, and it seems to be working! :+1:t4:

Great, good to hear.