GSuite My Drive vs Shared drives

Can a spreadsheet in a GSuite Shared drive be used for a Pro app without requiring a Google account (login)?

I’d like to upgrade an app to Pro to allow tablet/desktop views for +15 construction foreman to enter employee hours. Not all foreman have a Google account.

I’d like to move the spreadsheet to a GSuite Shared drive so that the office staff can access the spreadsheet for payroll processing.

I move the spreadsheet to a Shared drive, upgrade to Pro, share the app and users will be required to login with Google. Users without a Google login will have to create one to access the app?

Create shared folder [anyone with link can access no login required] in GSuite My Drive

A Google account shouldn’t be required to use the app. Only you as the app builder or the people accessing the sheet directly would need a Google account.

Many thanks Jeff.

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