How stable is Glide with many users


I have created an app for an event that will have 250 participants. Each of them will connect within the same day and add favorite & personal notes on the others profile (= a lot of user specific content).

On the premium plan will Glide work ? I am afraid it wont handle many connections.

Thks for ur help.


I have over 250 people in my app on a regular basis with over 2 million data points and i would say about 40 submenus and it works fine. Not to mention my google sheets has over 50 tabs and well over a million calculations and probably about 1000 lines of script with about 50 triggers.


I do host my own app on Godaddy servers though.

Just a curiosity @Drearystate

What kind of APP do you have?


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How do u host ur app on godaddy servers ?


It’s a app for my job. It was kind of something I created to keep up with stuff for myself but has since grown into a catch all for everything we do.

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How do you host the app on other servers? @Drearystate


when you click share it gives you the option to configure the setup.

Just to be clear, Glide hosts the app and data. Domain forwarding handles the redirection from your custom domain to the glide site. You do not get access to the code to install the app on any other hosting provider. You are only redirecting your custom domain to Glide’s servers.