How often is usage data updated on GlideApp thumbnail?

How often is the usage data updated on the GlideApp? It seems to be sporadic, like every few days. Also, is there anyway I can get better usage insights?



The internal JHU data is updated every 1 hour or less, that is what they use in their own online dashboard.

But the external data (what I and others users use in our apps) is updated every 24 hr. I still don’t know if this delay is caused by them or GitHub interface.


Sorry, should have been more clear, I’m talking about the GlideApp usage; not the Johns Hopkins data. I’m good with that.

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I’m not sure how often it’s updated on the dashboard, but I think it’s Google Analytics driving it. Keep in mind, it’s unique users/devices per month. Not a count of each time the app is opened.

With a pro account you can link the app to your own google analytics account and get much more details stats.