Covid-19 Statistics

Here is my contribution to the awareness of the escalating number of cases of Covid-19 around the world. There is detailed info down to the county level for USA States. The main data source is Johns Hopkins University a US based Medical School in conjunction with their Engineering School.

For those wondering the charts are done in a Google script, using a standard Google Sheet Chart and saved as .png’s on an Amazon server. The are all built as part of a timed loop that periodically checks for new data from the main Johns Hopkins data feed.

Here is a preview video


Hi @George_B

Nice your App using another kind of data.

I use the same data source you are using which comes from JHU and GitHub but my data is updated every 24 hr although I carry out a query every 1 hr.

My APP checks data to Venezuela and South America (12 countries)

Do you have the same behavior with the US data? The same refresh time?


Saludos y gracias

Yes I had it finished and they changed the structure on me a week ago. I do check even more frequently than that but I skip the process if I don’t see a new file.

I would like to know if there is the possibility of using an API in glide?
Follow the API link:

You would need to Zapier to access the API and populate a google sheet with the returned data(if zapier even offers that), or write a script to make the API call and populate the sheet with the data. There is no native API call functionality within Glide.


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Yes what @Jeff_Hager says. I process all the Covid-19 data in scripts then write it to the various sheets.

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ok, thx

Hey guys, have you checked out the Codiv module in Integromat?
I’m using it, and it’s SUPER easy. And it’s completely free.

I have it in the #comeCancun app.

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