My COVID-19 App to Venezuela and South America

Hi friends,
It is my contribution to keep informing the CODIV-19 status in my country (Venezuela) and South America

I used Charts and Maps to make it more friendly and usefull with data generated by Johns Hopkins CSSE and everyday.

The data is read and handled automatically by my App using this query:

select day, country_or_region, province_or_state, confirmed, deaths, recovered, last_update from daily_reports where country_or_region=‘Venezuela’ order by day limit 101

but if you load it from Google Sheet, the syntax must be:

=IMPORTHTML(“’Venezuela’+order+by+day+limit+101”; “table”; 1)

The data has a delay of 24 hours, I have 2 days testing it and its updating works fine. I still don;t know if the refresing time is ruled by Johns Hopkins CSSE or GitHub’s folks but if they improve it, my App will do as well.

I hope it can help everyone and we overcome this crisis in the best way. Greetings and take care.

Saludos para todos!




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Looks really cool. Keep up the good work :+1::+1:

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Awesome! I need to study your skills! here is my COVID app for New Zealand.


Hi @Kingi_Gilbert

I see you are using your our charts based on Google Sheet, although they look fine too, the Glide’s ones do the job better and consume less time to set up (my point of view).

Good point/idea to include a news section in your app. The only problem I see is that one has to do that job manually and I try avoing it, I just want App to do this dirty job automatically :slight_smile:

Best regards


felicidades @gvalero !! Quedó super bien!

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Please add it here: