I just made this Corona-app from a Sheet found on Corona-reddit. Feel free to use it / share.


Thank you! Do you know whether the sheet is being kept up-to-date?

Italian data are up-to-date! :mask:

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I am afraid that French data are up to date too. Fkg covid-19 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yes, as far as I know the data is up to date.

Netherlands up to date

@Mark When you click on the Favorites tab in the above app link, it tells you it emailed you a link prior to you entering your email address. Do you need a screen recording or do you see this too?

Yeah I’m getting this too

# COVID-19 cases, using data from Johns Hopkins CSSE

Here we are. No more school in France from next Monday. Happy weeks and even months are coming…

Netherlands: no sports, no music, no theatre, etc.

In Italy we are like this:

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Glide is working from home, California banned gatherings of more than 1000 people, but schools are still open.

Or like that…

What is the data source? I ask because someone stated it was:
And the most recent date I see as of today 2020-03-12 is 2020-03-02. That would make it 10 days old.

Click here to show data using DATE

Great, thanks for the further info. The general query I was preforming somehow didn’t pick up the most recent dates.

Yes, like that. Schools, restaurants, bars, shops and so on closed in France. Only remaining opened will be groceries and medical shops / doctors.

Nothing linked to this topic, but just to say that we are all living a fucking period and I hope all of you and your families and friend will be okay, and ready to enter a new world soon.

Cheers guys and thanks Glide to be so addicting for us. You rock!

Message sent after 2 glasses of red wine. Or maybe 3… :wink:


Yeah, crazy and unbelievable times. Let’s stick together!

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I’m building an app for my teachers with the resources they need for remote learning. My student lookup app is going to be crucial for communication purposes.