How Many Users Can you add?

I built a tinder style matching app. What’s the maximum numbers I can use on this platform?

Forty seven billion, although that depends which plan you have. Which plan do you have? :thinking:


Thanks! I have the free plan but will upgrade if necessary.

I keep reading these things saying that glide is not built for large usage

  • The free plan allows for 10 personal users.

  • The Maker plan has unlimited personal users. ‘Unlimited’ meaning not limited by number of users, although you’d probably hit other technical roadblocks and limits long before you scale to anything extremely large. Also ‘personal’ meaning users that don’t have a business email address.

  • Team and Business plans start at 20 and 40 users respectively (with no email type restriction) with the option to purchase additional users at per user pricing.

  • Anything else large scale related would require contacting Glide sales for custom Enterprise pricing.

I recommend looking over the pricing page to understand each plan’s limits and features.