How long for a new Front End editor and new components?

We use rich text editor to give a little more fantasy to Glide’s UI with css and more but
why we can’t have those features on Glide’s editor , its time to make it happen.
Then how long for customizable audio player with playlist’s and subscription component to make see contents, screens only to paid users?
I hope its behind the corner.

Changed category to “Help and How to” as there are a couple different feature requests in this post. For feature requests, it’s best to search the Community first to see if a similar request already exists. If it doesn’t, submit each request separately as others can vote on them to show support.

I did while you were typing , i suppose we were doing the same , this post has been pulled with a certain amount of energy :wink: and before i searched then decided to post , oid post then are to be searched , this eventually could be a gentle remind.