How is managed the App versions and link to Gsheets?

How is managed the App versions and link to Gsheets ? I didn’t find any information on that.

Let’s say I build and share an App named “BeMyApp” with corresponding Gsheet named “Matrix”.

  1. in the Glide editor (Settings), if I change the App name by “BeMyApp_TEST”, the named is well changed on My Apps list ( and not on the Gsheet (“Matrix”) that is normal, but why is the App still public, means accessible and shared ?

By the way, is there a possibility not to share an App during a certain time ? or to make the synchronization on certain criteria to avoid a real time refresh when doing changes/development ?

  1. in the Apps management (, if I duplicate the original App with option “Copy the sheet”, App name is changed as “Copy of ByMyApp” and Gsheets as “Sheets for Copy of ByMyApp”, that’s fine.

Now the question is, if I make a 2nd copy of the original App with option “Copy the sheet”, why are the same names used, means App name as “Copy of ByMyApp” and Gsheets as “Sheets for Copy of ByMyApp” ?

This can make confusing between these 2 copies (or more), especially because there is nothing (date or properties) to differentiate one of the other(s).

There is no versioning currently. Changes to the app are made in real time and are visible to all users as you make them.

Why would you want an app to stop being accessible if you only changed the name of the app? If you want a separate version to test, then just make a copy of it.

If you want the app to stop being accessible, then either design it to hide all components based on visibility or change the url so it is not accessible to those trying to access the old url.

The copy (duplicate) option is just to make a copy to further develop. It’s probably assumed that you would change the name of the app and sheet instead of making using the name that says “copy”. You can use it to make a version copy/history, but it’s not designed to keep making the names unique. Instead copy the copied app and you will get copy of copy of… You can add your own dates to the names of the app and sheet.

Glide establishes a connection to the sheet using the sheet’s unique encrypted ID. Names for the app and sheet are irrelevant and can be changed without breaking any links between the two.

Hi Jeff,

  1. Making a separate version (Duplicate the App with Gsheet copy, and Date in the name) to test new functions is what I do currently, but it’s not very practical.

What I would like to put in place, is almost what we can see for other systems, 1 App in Production (means deployed), 1 App in Development&Test and have the ability to quickly switch from one to the other, referring or not to the same database (Gsheets). As I think it’s some classical issue, what best practice solution would you recommend ? Is there somewhere a short description of that ?

  1. How to change the Gsheets linked to an App ? it’s may be trivial but I didn’t find the way to manage it.

This had all been discussed before. If you want a new feature request, you can add it here.