How I created beautiful sharing links with a call to action

Hi Guys,

I think we all agree that the default sharing URLs are very long and not user friendly. They look something like this:

Today I will explain how I made them reader friendly and added a call to action, so they now look like this:

Much better, isn’t it?

I had to jump through a few hoops and figure out how to do this but I think it was worth the efforts. I hope Glide will improve this feature because the way it is now is not great.

Watch this video for the tutorial:

Here the steps I took:

  1. Found out the long screen URLs for each screen I wanted people to share
  2. Created alias for a readable URL using this tool: Free Tool to Replace Space with Hyphen/Dashes Online | Infire Media
  3. Created a sub domain and installed a script for creating short URLs, you can buy it here for $50 (totally worth it) phpShort - URL Shortener Platform by lunatio | CodeCanyon
  4. Created a template with call to action and combined the base URL and the alias
  5. Changed the share button to data to the template

You can see this live here:

If you have any questions or if you found a better way to do this or optimize this process, let me know!


Do you mind turning off the need to signin on your demo app

Oops, try now!


@admin is there a way of setting links to open in new tab? at the moment it opens in the same tab and I’m taken away from the community

Right click on the link and choose to open in a new tab. I agree all external links should open in a new tab by default

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Thanks for this!
When I click on “share” and log in again, it doesn’t take me straight to the story I’ve shared?

So the deep link does not work in your case? Where does it take you to, I guess the first tab?