How does the Glide Audio storage work behind the scenes? (Security, length of storage, deleting, etc.)

The details in the Glide audio docs are very limited. Does anyone have more detailed information about how this feature works?

For example:

  1. How long does Glide guarantee storage of the file?
  2. How can you trigger the file to be deleted?
  3. Is there any way to put security restrictions around the file (e.g. only given users can access it)? Or can you only lock down the row that stores the audio URL but not the file itself?
  4. Is it possible to have the file stored in an external storage provider (e.g. AWS, Drive)?

Thank you!

As long as any of your tables refer to the url, it will remain in storage.

Remove reference to the url in all tables and file will be deleted from the system within 30 days.

The best method is to apply Row Owners to the row that contains the url for the audio file.

You can store the file anywhere you want and place the corresponding url in your table.


Thank you for the quick and thorough response — much appreciated!

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