How does "Send Email" work? (Pro Feature)

Hi all,
I wanted to see if anyone could give detail on the email capabilities of this Pro feature.
I looked for documentation on this, but didn’t find anything.

I am on a grandfathered Pro plan which I believe blocks access to to this feature so I can’t explore it and see if it’s worth upgrading for email sending.


  • Are you able to send mass marketing emails with this feature?
  • If yes, when you send an email to multiple recipients, does that count as 1 email or equal to the amount of recipients?
  • What is the limit for emails your can send with a Pro plan?
  • Is there an interface in Glide where you can compose the emails? (if yes, can you share a screenshot? if no, how do you send the email?)
  • Can you send rich html emails with this feature?
  • Is there an easy way for users to unsubscribe from these emails?

Thanks in advance!

There are a lot of people here smarter than me, but my .02

No, maybe Integromat but no way for mass mail direct from Glide that I can see.

Private Pro - 1000 per mth
You create the subject and body of your emails from template columns normally, at least that is how I do it.

Wrong platform for this kind of thing at least in my opinion


Adding to what you have said, I believe we now have Private Pro trials inside Teams for you to try out these types of things. Personally I haven’t used the Send Email action, I always use Integromat.

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