How do I replace the "title" component?

recently you can use the “title” component that allows a title, subtitle and an image, now this component no longer exists how can I replace it?

It’s still there, right at the top of the list of components. You have 4 styles to choose from:

CleanShot 2023-04-26 at 13.00.40@2x


I mean this component, it disappeared and it was very useful, is there something to replace it?

It is the same as simple… and pretty much as any of these components… I don’t understand why they have them… is just a variation of settings.

The “title” component allows you to place a title, subtitle and an image, now this component has disappeared, what other components would allow me the same results?

Any of them… they are all the same… is just a trick to show that they have many components

None of them allows me the same results, could you help me to achieve a similar result?

This is a simple title, inside container with a image as a backround

ok, thanks, they are not the same results but they are similar.

Seems like your screenshot is from a “Classic App”, and you are asking why it is not available in the new Glide Apps. The title component in the new Glide Apps is different, it’s not structured the same way as the one in the “Classic App” version.