How do I know if I'm on a Classic App?

I saw somewhere that Classic Apps are eventually going away, and I want to get a head start on migrating. But I see that I essentially have to rebuild the entire app. The only thing that transfers is the data source.

With that said I do not want to rebuild if I don’t have to.
So is there an easy way to know if I’m a classic app or on the new app builder?

And if I’m on Classic and have to rebuild is there an easy way to migrate to where I don’t have to rebuid everything?

In the Glide dashboard when you first log into Glide, the icon of classic app will say “classic” on it. Also, when you edit the app, the sections at the top will be data, layout and settings.

You will need to rebuild the frontend.


Gotcha Thanks.

Yep, I’m on classic. Well, I guess I have a couple of weeks of work to get going.

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