Rebuild a classic App as a new App

I am transitioning to use the new app model for an existing classic app with more than 300 users and I want to make it as seamless as possible.
Some questions:

  1. any good resource on how to do it? I don’t think there is a transition script so I plan to do it manually screen by screen
  2. data - glide data - can i point from the new app to the classic app data?
  3. once i am ready can i use the same URL as the old app? Will all users need to login again?
  4. anything else to know?

You will have to rebuild the interface. Currently there is no tool to do that for you.

If you click on the 3 dots app in the Glide dashboard, you can build a new app from data. This will retain all computed columns. But yes, multiple apps can refer to the same data. Just make sure you select to keep the same sheet, so your tables aren’t duplicated.


The Glide branded url is different. ( vs But, if you use a custom domain, you should be able to transfer that domain to the new app.

I think the above should cover most of it.