How do I hide the sign in button?

I have the sign in button only for employee logins. so I don’t need it public facing how do I hide it?
Is there certain css?



#main-root [class*=“is-mobile”] , div[class*=“unified-side-bar___StyledDiv-sc-1omwj0x-8 desYoz user-controls-highlight”] {
display: none;

This random class might make your code invalid some day.

Since you’re already using *= when you try to extract the class, find something that is unique to that button, and without the random class name to make sure it always work.

The is-mobile class should also be investigated, would that code target anything else other than the thing you want to hide?

I’m curious - how does this hide it for one (public), but not for the other (employee)?
And how do you tell the difference?

Or is it for two separate Apps?
If for two separate Apps, why not just make the Public facing App Public without sign in?

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On the app I have the title bar hidden on mobile so the sign in button only appears on desktop so I siloed the hidden button to only be desktop.