Hide the nav bar

Hi, I need to hide the entire nav bar in a specific page…

BTW this CSS code is not working:

#page-root:has(.auth) [aria-label="Sign In"] {
display: none;

#page-root:has(.auth) div[class*="desktop-nav-bar"], #page-root:has(.auth) div[class*="mobile-nav-bar"],
#page-root:has(.auth) div[class*="unified-side-bar"] {
display: none !important;

And after pasting that code the app crashed (iPhone capture):

Do you have the “auth” component on the screen?

Yes it’s a rich text component….

As additional information, the class name does not apply if the rich text or container component is empty.
Try using this:

#page-root:has(.auth) .has-tab-bar > div:last-child {
display: none;

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