How to hide navigation bar in pages

I would like to know how to hide de navigation bar in Pages.

I saw the following code on some other Topic but it didn’t work:

#nav-root {
display: none !important;

Can someone help me with it?

You can hide tabs if that’s what you are trying to do.

Sorry for not being specific enough, I would like to hide the whole nav tab like I could in the Classic version using CSS.

I used to use:

{display: none;}”

but it is not working anymore :confused:

Pages do not have CSS… use Classic Apps… much better

Sorry, but Pages have some very interesting features I want to use. Is there a workaround that I can use to fill a whole tab with an image? Or to just hide the navigation tab…

no… but all elements that pages have… you can reproduce using CSS in Classic… and make it even better

Kanban? :eyes:

All of them… Just a matter of right thinking ; -)

The new Glide Apps (formerly called Pages) does offer CSS at the Business & Enterprise level, but I don’t think it would help in this case. I think you only want to hide the nav bar for a specific tab, but CSS in the new Apps is universal.

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Exactly. This certainly should be a feature, since many apps hide it for some ‘Onboarding’ experience

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But during onboarding, shouldn’t that tab be the sole visible tab, thus hiding the navigation bar automatically?