How do I count two column..?


Hi all,

I want to count number of symbols in the column by the same email.
So that it should look like if I use rollup - count:

User A RTY 1
User A NQ 1
User A ES 1
User B RTY 1
User B ES 2
User B NQ 2
User B NQ 2
User B ES 2

I tried making self relation and some options to count it but it just counts all of the same symbol by all users and does not work the way I expected.

For your reference there are lots of symbols (not just 3) so I can’t use if then else function.

Can anyone help please?

I wish it was that easy. Of course I tried this and making relation column connecting email or symbol. But did not work

It’s pretty close to that easy. Just create template column that joins the email and the symbol together. Then create a multiple relation column that links the template column to itself. Finally create a rollup column that uses that relation.

That is the foolproof way to do it, but the way you did it with just the symbol will also work because you are currently using row owners. It might not appear that way in the data editor, but the count will only be for one user on the front end because of row owners.


Hi thanks for the reply. I don’t quite get how to join these two values using template column. Can you
explain please?

I actually figured it out. Thank you. Never thought of using template column this way.

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