How do I add multiple relations by GUI

If I have a table that can point to multiple rows in another table, how do I add and delete the relationships by GUI?e.g a table of fast food restaurants that relates to a table of cities. In the table of fast food restaurants I have the columns city 1, city 2 etc

Do you mean you want to add more cities to a restaurant?


I believe what you want should be structured like this.

Restaurant: Row ID, Name, Image, Description, Etc.

Cities: Restaurant ID, Row ID, Name, Image, Etc.

To have multiple cities attached to a restaurant, then when you add a new city, make sure to have the restaurant’s row ID alongside it. When you delete a row in the Cities table it will be automatically deleted from the “relation”.

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yes but I want to reuse the cities. I create another table that will link a restaurant and a city

Restaurant : Row ID, Name, Image, Description, Etc.

RestaurantCityLink : Restaurant ID, City ID, Name

City : Row ID, Name, Image, Etc.

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Yes, this would work nicely!

When I create the RestaurantCityLink I use the choice component to select the city which will set the City Id of the RestaurantCityLink but how do I copy the name from the City to the name in the RestaurantCityLink of make it a link?

You would link using the IDs instead of the names, it’s much more reliable.

If you need the names in that link sheet as well, make relations using the IDs to the Restaurant and City sheet and lookup to get the name.