How can I track users signing in to my Glide Page?

I have a Glide Page with about 200 private users invited to use their profiles in it as a dashboard. This Glide Page is built on an Airtable database. I can’t seem to find a way to see who has signed in.

Looking at it from the perspective of having built a Glide app on a Google Sheet before. There I have a tab “App Logins” and am able to track any new user logins. But nothing like that I can find in Airtable/Glide Page combo. Appreciate any tips!

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Wondering if you added a single-table Google sheet to the app - would you be able to pick it up there? Not sure if you can have both airtable and google sheets both linked in one app.

I have not done that before but considering they give these options while I have an underlying Sheet, I expect that to be possible.


And yes, as long as you have a Google Sheet then I assume Glide will write to an App: Logins sheet they automatically create.

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Thanks all! The only way I have found to track users is to have a Google Sheet attached to it. But since my Page is built on Airtable, it doesn’t seem to be possible to link two data sources on one Page/App. Is this a limitation for everyone or am I missing something?

You should be able to attach multiple data sources, such as airtable and google sheets. The only thing you can’t do is attach multiple data sources of the same type.

Jeff, can you attach multiple data sources? I am using google sheets and Glide tables. I want to add Airtable cause it gives me simple connectivity to Hubspot and Salesforce…but I can’t see how to do that in the builder.

Thanks as always

When you add a new table, you should get to choose the data source:


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That was obvious. :confused: I currently use Glide and sheets exclusively.

I was focused/confused on settings::data which has a data source menu but little behind it. I was looking at this as a place to ‘connect’ versus the “New Table”.

And “Data Source” at the bottom of the builder’s left-side/‘table column’ didn’t help. This, from what I can see, is for managing what tables from the Glide project can be imported into this project.