Is there a way to see who is using my Glide app?

I have a list of 4000+ customers who have access to one of my Glide Apps. It’s hard for me to tell which customers have logged in and created an account and which ones haven’t. Is there a dashboard that will help me who and when someone logged in?

For the App, check the App: Logins tab in your Google Sheets workbook.


I am using Airtable and Glide Pages

If your customers are logging in and creating an account, then presumably you have User Profiles configured?

You should be able to tell from your User Profiles table how many customers have logged in.

If you need more granularity, you could create a short onboarding flow and collect whatever extra information that you need as a part of that flow.

The accounts are already created for them as their login details sit in the Airtable database that I used prior to using Glide.

Besides knowing when they signed in for the first time, it would be generally useful to know when a member logged in, so I can reengage inactive members.

mmm, Glide doesn’t provide any way to do that natively. Probably the best you can do is create a “Last Active” date/time column in your User Profile table, then pick one or more components that you can be fairly confident they will touch each time they use the app, and then add a custom action step to those components that sets the Last Active column to the current date/time.