How can I search in form

I have a table in which I have saved subscriber data.

I created a button on my site,
When a visitor wants to request a maintenance service, a form will appear to enter data.
One of the fields is to check if he has a membership with us.
If he does not have a membership, an error will appear before the request is sent

How can I search for his membership before click submit?

Am I correct in assuming that the visitor will not be signed in to the App at this time?

If that’s the case, you would need to use a custom form so that the membership ID that they enter will be stored in a User Specific Column. You can then use that to check against your subscriber table and take appropriate action.

Yes, the site does not require visitors to log in.
Could you explain how I can use a custom form

Thank you very much

You could do something like this:

  • Create a table with a single row, and use this as the source of your screen
  • Add a RowID column, and a User Specific column for each of your form inputs
  • The first one will be for the MembershipID. Create a relation column that matches this with your Subscribers table. As long as this relation remains empty, that means they haven’t entered a valid ID.
  • Add your input components to the screen. For all of the components other than the Membership ID one, you can use the state of the relation column as a visibility condition. ie. only visible when the relation is not empty.
  • Add a button to the screen. Configure an action on the button that adds a row to the appropriate table, using the values in the user specific columns as inputs.

Thanks for all you give me, I didn’t find a solution according to your explanation. I’ll try again.
If there is a video explaining something close to this I would appreciate it.

If you can show me what you have so far, and where you got stuck, I might be able to guide you to get it working.

Yes, it has been successfully completed.

Sorry, I thought I would implement the above points in the form screen

I have one last question left:
How do I empty the existing row in the table used for the source?

Let’s imagine that you have a button that is used to navigate to that screen. What you can do is modify the action on that button so that it first uses a Set Column Values action to clear all values before it opens the screen.


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