Record user searches

Can l remember user searches or at least the last search.
I am trying to build a relation list related to what users has searched before.
That’s a suggestion feature often offered in many websites and apps. I can do this easily based on favorite but for searches, is it possible?

I think you have to create your own search field.
Using the plugin columns to search inside a text or array.
Probably to perform a search in more fields you may have to join those
Then the searched values also have to be stored in a history joined field.

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I went to the plugins page. I cannot find it. Could you please send me a link?

In this very moment I’m out of the application, but you can create a column as a check text matches, not necessarily searching as it is shown in the example, but you can have multiple ways.
The filed text is your join of different fields where executing the search, and the regular expression is your searching field on the screen.


You can just use a user-specific column to store the search value, then cast that to the table where you want to perform the search with a Single Value column.

Use an If Then Else column and perform some “include” checks to see if the fields contain the search term.

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That sounds good. May I ask you to describe the use-case step by step? Thanks a lot.

It’s basically the two paragraphs I described above, or you can read the reply linked below and scrape tep 2 & step 3 if that’s not applicable for your use case.

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