Find from a list from within a form

upon a user clicking that + Button to create a item, i would like to force the user to check and see if that item already exist by scanning the UPC or entering the UPC manually, If the UPC matches. It should give the user a relationship of the link it has found. Otherwise If item was not found then let the user fill out the rest of the form using Visibility. My issue is how do i search a item with the filters making sure that the item dose not already exist in a form. I had no issue figuring this out outside of a form scenario.

I’m not sure if this is possible when using a form. The problem is that the new row isn’t added until the form is submitted, and so there is nothing to build a relation with.
I would use a custom form on a details layout, with the input components writing to user specific columns. Then you can build a relation and check for duplicates in real time.


what about doing this without the forms and without using a inlist relation?

If your scan result is written to a user specific column then sure, it’s easy.

Yep already long past that part i am falling into issues after resetting it.
It works but then jumps to the line. Good. But then if i need to reset it.
I made a relation to the line and another button to reset it.
But then it goes to line 2. Or grays out.

Watch the video to see where i am getting stuck at.

@abe.sherman you appear to be making that a lot more complicated than it needs to be. If all you’re trying to do is find out if the entered value already exists, it’s just a matter of creating a multi-relation from that column to the column that holds the data you’re matching against. If that relation is not empty, then you have a match. That’s it.

Sorry that does not work for me. What i am trying to do is, If found data Then show Data in the bottom, Otherwise show a hint no data found if data is entered and there is no match. also remember i am using multi user text.

Instead of trying to make the row jump to the matching row while you are typing, I would instead always let the detail screen attach to the first row. Then create a relation and lookups for all of the data you want to see. The lookup columns are what you will display on the screen. The thing is, instead of hopping between rows, you will always be displaying and working with the first row.

I think trying to make the filter jump around to different rows, especially while typing, is going to make your search bar unpredictable and give you the problems you are having now


Ok have a look at the update, any idea?

I wonder what would happen if you set up a custom action on your Add button that first does a View Details through the relation, followed by the Show Form action. Hopefully it would then be sitting on the correct row through the relation, so you would have access to the details of that matching item within the form.

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Will it work with Multiple UPC? i did do a test from a view. But from the Single Relationship it currently fails. Assuming it has multiple matches.


Change it to a multi-relation and then display it as an inline list.
Then from there, do what Jeff said.


That worked immediately. Going to redo everything to the new inline list.

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one last Q to finish up this project.
Using the filter on the item itself.


Why does it not work?

Try using lowercase true
Also, add a checkbox component to the screen pointing at that same column. This will help you debug

This just got interesting. The glide table shows a solid True

yes, so that indicates that you’re not on the row that you think you’re on

I am defiantly on it. I can see the info on top and the image.

Is this a bug?

OK i see where i messed up thank you guys for your help i believe i got it from here.