How can I import data from the web in Glide Table app?

… Is there any possibility to do this ? How ?
I’m interested to import from a web page currency rate of exchange.

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Hi @M.V_Consulting_SRL , as far as I know, you can currently export data from a Glide Table (via Zapier or webhook) but importing automatically is not yet possible.


Ok, I usually do this (export data) with Webhook and Integromat.
But I need to update daily a certain currency rate of exchange for my app.
In Google Sheet is easy… I wonder if it is also possible in Glide Tables ?

Hi, if you want to import some data from G.Sheet to Glide Table, a workaround is

  1. In the source Google Sheet: add an “IMPORTED” column (will enable to let visible the items which are not imported)

  2. In Glideapps:

  • create a Glide Table with the required fields-columns to import from the G-Sheet
  • create a screen linked to this Glide Table
  • create an Inline List → link it to the Google Sheet (cf. ‘Source > Values’) → display at least one field (cf. ‘Data > Title’)
  • create a “Set columns” action: select the ones to import + write “1” in the IMPORTED Google Sheet column
  • filter the InLine list per "IMPORTED is not 1
  • Clic on each item of the InLine list: they will disapear from the InLine list.

The Google Sheet is imported in Glide Table


Thank you for this, but…
In my app I’m using Glide Tables only. The ideea was to update daily my currency values from a web page in my Glide Table.
The only solution as i see now is to start another app, with a Google sheet which will contain dates imported from the web. Because I cannot add now a google sheet in my app :-(… Adding a Google sheet in your Glide Table app is a feature promised by Glide Team .

For sure there’s a solution to pull a live data feed, @Robert_Petitto probably covers it somewhere in his YouTube tutorials. He has so much covered for images and charts that it should carry-over to your needs through a URL of some type.

Another option is to do a webview, if the website you’re trying to draw from allows it.

I’m also trying to develop things with Glide Tables only, so I’m following this haha.

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As far as I aware there’s no solution for this with Glide Tables, months ago there was a test with an API column but that never got into production. That was the closest thing you get for pulling a live data feed into GT.


can’t do that yet.

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@M.V_Consulting_SRL Have a look here if you want to import a larger chunk of data to your app