How can I get a record when from a table on a button press?

I have a Button on my form, I want to send details from the topmost record (Distance to Location in my Contacts sheet) via a webhook when I click the button.

I can do it easily if I have an Inline List and I select the record triggering the webhook via the Action event. But I don’t want to add an Inline List and click the record, I want it all done from a single (tidy) button click.

Let’s say you want to send the record from the one which has the lowest distance.

Create a rollup and choose the min distance. Then an If Then Else, let’s say if Distance equals Lowest Distance then True.

Create a template with only the label “True” and a relation using that template back to the If Then Else column above.

You then have the “Gateway” to that row and can use multiple lookups to return whatever info you want to pass using the webhook.

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