How can I generate a blank version of a page?

In my app, there is a page that allows users to monitor the progress of their projects. This page consists of various elements like a table, kanban board, calendar, and more. Now, I would like to enable users to create a new project by implementing a button. When they click on this button, a new “project tracker page” should be generated, containing the same components mentioned earlier but entirely blank. What steps should I take to accomplish this?

Can you explain more on this? What exactly is “blank” here?

It would generate a page that still has a table, kanban board, calendar, and more but those components would have nothing inside of them.

So it’s basically creating a new project right? How are you setting this part up?

If it’s the details view of a project row then I assume you can just add a project normally and navigate the user to the details screen of the newly added project.

something similar to this template : Glide Templates | Project Control | Create a No Code App
when they create a project a blank version of attachments, members, and etc show up and when they select a project the information put in the other projects disappear and show the info added to the new selected project.

Isn’t that simply a matter of adding a new row to the Projects table, and then navigating to that row (as @ThinhDinh suggested).

I had a quick look at that template, and I would assume that’s what the “New Project” button does.


wow i am dumb sorry i am new to this thank u !

No worries, feel free to ask questions and we’ll try to help!

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