How can I develop “horizontal apps”? (common app to multiple clients w custom branding, optional features)

Can you help us develop “horizontal apps”?

What I mean is, I have a great app I want to resell to similar organizations. How can I maintain one “code base” (template?) that I can update to continuously improve a dozen apps with common functionality (for different clients)?

Obviously I want to avoid having to update (unreliably) a dozen app instances with the same bug fix or improvement.


That is not possible with Glide. Every app is on itself, and you can’t have a “parent” app to make changes to multiple “children” app.

Thanks for your experienced reply.

I’ve added this to the 2024 Wish List.

Even if most aren’t trying to develop ‘horizontal’ apps, I know many who want to be able to re-use screens and subcomponents across their app, so I can hope!

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Have you tried copy pasting components across apps?

I have done it within one app. It works well only if the same data table is being used, right?

Don’t think we can copy between different apps at all, right?

I haven’t tried, but I think you can copy paste across apps, just that if the data structure is different you might have to configure multiple things.

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So the “solution” to this is @Flowcode 's suggestion in the feature request forum:

If you’d also benefit from this feature, please upvote him!

When I tested it, copy-pasting components

  • works well from one app to another, within the same folder within the same team
  • works well from one app to another, across folders within the same team
  • does not work well (and possibly not at all) across teams

Thanks @nathanaelb .

Even if this worked well in all cases, it’s still copies of pages, eh? That’s not true ‘reuseability’ which reduces errors and enables modular app building. So the request is what I (we) need!

Absolutely, I was referring to copy-pastes of components. Once the component is pasted, it doesn’t have any link to the original.

Your request is a popular one :slight_smile: