How can I assign certain rows in a table to a specific user?

Hi there,

I’m curious, how can I create rows inside a table and assign them to specific users created in another table? For example:

I have a table called “things” and a table called “users”. For each individual row created in “things” I want to assign it to a particular user from “users”.

I’m trying to create a column called “owner” with “lookup” but then it retrieves all the users not just a particular one.

I’m not trying to create roles like “admin”, “manager” and so on… I just want to link specific items with certain users.

How can I do this?

Hi @Alexandru_Giuseppe_I,

Check this video that I posted for your other topic! : Pages - Create a simple points functionality - #5 by Dilon_Perera

I have added that!

Thank you

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