Hotel ERP System using Glide

Hello everyone,

I am exploring the possibility of developing a Hotel ERP system using Glide with the following key features:

Client Side:

  • User Authentication: Login via email/phone, password recovery.
  • User Profiles: View/edit personal information
  • Hotel Catalog: (mapbox).
  • Room Management:
  • Occupancy Management: Room availability grid (chessboard), data export via API.

Admin Features:

  • Manage users, roles, hotels, and rooms.
  • View occupancy reports and statistics.

Super-Admin Features:

  • Oversee user profiles, access recovery, hotel profiles, and room availability.
  • Monitor booking changes and cancellations.
  • Manage roles and access rights.

Is it feasible to develop such an application using Glide App, or would a custom development approach be more appropriate given these requirements?

Thank you for your insights!


Here are the options for you regarding user authentication. Bottom line - users always need an email to log in, logging in with a phone number, or username-password combination, are not supported for now.

What do you mean by using Mapbox here?

I think this would be quite complex to setup.

If you mean this being related to password recovery, then not possible.

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