Home screen random image

I am trying to get my home screen image to update every minute as follows:

I have an “Image” Column (D) with all image URLs.

I have a home screen Column (A), in the only cell of home screen Column (A)

I have the following formula: =index(D2:D,randbetween(1,counta(D2:D)))

The formula selects an image URL from Column (D) and returns the image URL to

Column (A) which in turn updates my home screen cover image.


I set the refresh time as follows:

Spreadsheet Settings >calculate > on change and every minute.

Glide does not automatically update my home screen image. The formula works

if I manually refresh the spreadsheet in glide, would a pro account work?

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You can set the refresh interval in google sheets, but that doesn’t mean that the data will be sent to glide without some sort of interaction from the user. This means, that either data would have to change within the app to cause it to be sent to google, along with a near immediate return of any updated data (usually a few seconds), or you would have to go pro and turn on background refresh. Either way is not going to guarantee that the image changes every minute.

I had attempted something similar awhile back with the Random/Advertising Links example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/. It works for the most part, but it was never a consistent experience as far as reliably changing the image in a specific amount of time. It was also really odd that what was displayed never matched what was in the sheet. Almost like it was a step behind. Never really understood why.

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Thank you for your response, I will just refresh it manually for now.
I was thinking I could automatically display featured business Ad(s)
on the home screen as a revenue generator…

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i currently have this setup working in pro. My main page automatically updates according to when The line Item time is set.

You will definately need a pro account
You will definatley need a condition such as: IF Time in column b is =Nor or less than now plus 5minutes then “Show This” otherwise “Don’t Show”.
You screen display component should be set to “Details” and in the visibilty settings set to desplay only the line that has “Show This”

I think the most functional frequency you can have with glide is “5 minutes” any less may get glitchy.
However it will also cause your app to refresh automatically if someone is editing something right at the time then they may lose their information. Also if you have a lot of items that need their Spotlight every 5 minutes wit will bog down your app.

I would suggest no more than 1 every 15 minutes
Other than that it can work to display your ads at 5 min revolution.