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Hello this is my 1st time to make an App. I’m a PE Teacher and making the app for my students on distance learning to be active at home. I’m almost finished but i’m having problems with 1 item I’m wanting to add and cannot figure out how to do it, so thought maybe someone could help me. On the home page upper left hand corner there’s a white circle with a lowercase i in it. When I click on it it takes me to the the share app page. I’m wanting to change circle with the i icon to a list icon (3 lines). Then when I click on the 3 lines I want it to open a new page and I will have 3 tabs a sign in tab (take you to a sign in page) when clicked on it goes to the sign in page, a students response tab when it opens I want 3 tabs I can click on one tab being K-5 Student response form, 2nd tab being 6 - 8 student response form, and 3rd tab being 9-12 student response form and when either is clicked on it will go to the student response form, and the 3rd tab on the 3 line icon will be the share app tab. This is the last thing I need to do in order to send the app out to my students so they will have activities while we are teaching distant learning.

If you go to tab settings in glide builder, you can drag tabs into the menu section. This will open up the hamburger menu at the top left.

Thank You that was easy lol

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