Hide "storage for this app is full" banner

I can probably guess what the answer to this will be but it’d be nice for the user to have an option to hide the “storage for this app is full” banner. It’s not going to be the thing that makes me upgrade to a pro subscription but it is annoying.

You do have the option to hide this—it starts at $12/mo.

Can you explain why this should not be a paid feature? Or how you think this is compatible with the free version?

The reason we place this warning in the app, is in the event that a free app is used in a scenario where silently omitting data could create harm.


I fully agree on that David. However, there’s one thing quite « concerning » to me,

I don’t want my users to know that my app is full, and that I need to upgrade. It’s somehow unprofessional and questionable (for a random user not interested by a no-code tool)

While I understand that it’s not possible to keep the message to the author only, I think that having the same message on the builder only can have the same « efficient impact »

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Looking professional just costs 12usd a month! Never been cheaper :joy:


I’m not seeing this option on the pricing page, could you please let me know where I’d find this?

Users with the free app only need to see this warning once / sporadically. Making the banner persistent, not dismissible and the fact that you can pay to remove it, makes it look like a growth hack to me. It seems like you’re deliberately impacting user’s UX to make creators upgrade.

I’m trying to make a free app to share with a community of users. If the app looks decent then there’s a good chance that they’ll keep using it and then try using Glide for other things, which they pay for. If it doesn’t then there’s a good chance they won’t. That’d be the rationale for not doing this.

I can’t even create a decent looking screen recording because of this :man_shrugging: And presumably if I made the app a purchasable template, every user who downloaded it would also have to pay the monthly fee on top?

Select ‘Upgrade’ (top right within Glide App)Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 07.32.34

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Thanks for the heads up :raised_hands: So do you know whether the idea here is that I upgrade and get more rows, therefore the banner goes away. Or does upgrading unlock the option to hide the banner regardless of how many rows I use?

To explain my use case a bit further, my app’s based on a spreadsheet that contains my transaction history from my bank, which is 7.7k rows at the moment. I’m not trying to pull all of those transactions into my Glide app, I’d happily only see ~400. But I do need to keep the remaining transaction data in the spreadsheet as my bank balance is calculated based on it, plus new transactions are added automatically. So if I could filter the rows make Glide only pull in ~400 transactions, that’d solve my problem but I haven’t found a way to do that.

In the meantime $12 per month is still too much to pay, just to remove this banner. I would pay about $6 per month but I appreciate the fact that Glide’s pricing model has to be sustainable for a wide range of use cases. I just wish that they hadn’t decided to take this approach in order to try to increase subscriptions.

The banner automatically goes away if you keep within the limits of your ‘subscription, you don’t have an option to hide the banner.

Upgrading not only increases the ‘rows’ you can utilise, also the storage level and transaction selling fees if you use the app to ‘sell stuff’. Upgrading is not just to hide the banner.

We all have views on pricing, personally I think $12 is fantastic, but that’s just my opinion.

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Got it, thanks.

Unfortunately I don’t need those features.

That’s the thing with pricing / good value, it’s contextual isn’t it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Indeed, you can’t do everything for everyone. Come on upgrade, you know you want too. :wink:

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The thing to be aware of here is that only sheets that are actually used in your app count towards the row count. So all you need to do is create a second sheet that contains a filtered subset of the full transaction list, and use this second sheet in your app. As long as the sheet that contains the full transaction list isn’t referenced anywhere in your app, it won’t count towards your row count.

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That might have just solved my problem then, which would be great!

It looks like applying a filter to a sheet doesn’t work. I don’t suppose you have a formula for mirroring a set of columns & rows from another sheet but limiting the number of rows to hand do you? I guess I can use individual cell references for this but it’d be nice if there was something that was a bit easier to update & less prone to user error.

If all you want is a fixed range, say for example the first 400 rows, then you can do that quite easily with an arrayformula.

It would be something like:


Awesome, that worked great. I haven’t marked that as the solution because it doesn’t address my original request but you have solved my problem :pray:

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t support your original feature request.
Yes, the banner is annoying, but that’s the point of it.
Glide is a business, and like all businesses they need to make money to stay afloat.
What we get for free with Glide is already pretty amazing.

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I agree.

I’m not sure thinking in absolutes is the best way to evaluate this though, there are other ways for Glide to make money without doing this.

It’s indeed !

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Perhaps in the future we will charge per row, so you can just buy the exact number of rows you need.

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