Glide Ads in-app

Hi, just noticed that we have popup advertising for Glide in app. I guess it’s only for free account? and to avoid those ads, we have to turn into pro account? ;).
Is this feature can be managed in pro account by us, I mean push a product discount or anything relevant for users? tks!

i he never noticed this mayhe this is new

Full transparency. Yes we are testing this for free apps. In its current form, this will only show once per device per app for users in the test cohort. We are not trying to add constant nag screens, but we always wanted free apps to show that they are made with Glide. That was the deal for it being free :slight_smile:


If that really happens I’m out. Glide is already launching several PRO features leaving the free ones aside, and it also comes with advertisements, very sad if that is the case.

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Yes, Free apps say “made with Glide” and may show a pop-up. The price you pay for Free apps is that they tell more people about Glide.

Pro apps do not show this.

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I noticed this too, and makes sense to me, since the free version is 100% free.

My excitement came from the possibility to add this as a component or feature :eyes: @david

This would be awesome as a button action! Or possibility showing based on visibility conditions. Any chance something like this will be available in the near future?


Yes, our goal is that anything you see in a Glide app will be open to you as a developer someday.


Well such big banner is very intrusive and will make some confusion for some customers. I don´t mind to have remarks about Glide in the app, but this one is complicated. Just because when we start using Glide we never tought such thing may occur. My suggestion is to have a kind of a plan between the free and the Pro version with a lower price. There is apps that don´t need 25k rows and other features, but users agree to pay a lower ammount for that kind of a plan.


@Joao_Vares_Coelho we are working on it.


Glad to hear :slight_smile: @david

How about having such feature for pro so we can put our announcement or anything for the users to Pop up once they are in or even advertise for a service in App ?