Growth hacking by glide

this type of growth hacking is annoying for users @david
what’s the deal here?

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the popup appears between 30-60 sec…

so far this popup only appears on desktop, and not when opening app in a mobile browser or installed on home screen.

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100% agree.
There already is a button at the bottom-right.
A better position for the CTA will be next to the Share App button, or below the QR code.
But definitely not on top of the screen.


You ‘pay’ for free Glide apps by referring new users, this is pretty standard. Also, this only every shows once, and you can choose to make a less annoying app for your users by upgrading.

Can you suggest another way to promote Glide in free apps? If it performs better than this, we will immediately switch to it. Something that appears only on desktop, or hidden in an about screen, will probably not perform better than this, though.

For example, Webflow shows ‘made with Webflow’ on all free sites, pinned in the bottom right of the window. We could try that on every screen of the app but there is less space so we’re reluctant to try it.


The popup is an experiment, and is randomly shown to a small set of users in free apps, once, and has nothing to do with what device you are on.


For what it’s worth, I have no issue with this because the more people who join Glide increases the chances of them converting to Pro or buying boosts which in turn: a) keeps Glide in business (very important), and b) subsidises our Pro apps (quite important).

Consider it the small (no) price you have to pay for the free apps.


It’s a standard having free Apps pop up adds. This is the least of “collaboration” put forward within the community. Besides, the option to upgrade to Pro is always present.

@Thomas_Dahm is correct—this is annoying for many users (some users actually click it, sign up for Glide, and are happy they did). We are open to ideas about how to improve it. The ideal solution is not annoying at all, but helps people who would be interested in Glide discover it.

Not sure if this is any less annoying, but what if you add the call to action button on the loading screen for free apps? That way, users are seeing it every time they use the app, BUT it doesn’t interrupt their usage of the app.


@david - many websites show a popup as soon as one proceeds to close the tab. Can this popup be shown more prominently when accessing an app from a computer?

You must already have stats from the button at the bottom right. You can also add a button next to the Share App button. You can then compare which of these options performs better.

thanks for clarifying that the popup shows randomly and is shown only ones. I assume per user, since you use cookies?

I have no problem with referring new users to Glide. I actually do this on a daily base… through the apps I built for clients, many of them have taken a pro account, and my own apps, which Glide happily uses till this day in the marketing, for which I’m grateful.

I like the affiliate structure Convertkit and Notion use. Every user gets a unique code and gets rewarded when new users sign up to become a paying user. While writing this I see on twitter you publish referral links… a boost lite variation!

I wonder if the popup is necessary, it has the potential to become a meme.
But, if Glide continue to use the popup or variant will the new announced ref link be used automatically? Or not, it could make a difference.

There are many places in Glide Apps, where you show a small or bigger call to action. Like in the info page, about page, home screen, and all the places suggested in the thread.
One last suggestion you can make a affiliate kit for people to download so they can put it in newsletters, blogs, tiktoks etc.

I’m happy to discus more options.