Glide Advertisement Popup in Pro Account

Should the Glide advertisement be popping up on my apps if I have a non-profit business level account? It’s a paid account, but has the non-profit discount.

As I was having someone test our app, (that several thousand people will be using within the next two weeks) it popped up as they were trying to create their profile on the app.

I’ve seen discussion about this on free accounts, but not paid. Did something change @david ?

Can you share a screenshot? We removed these popular AFAIK.

I didn’t have them take a screenshot. Let me see if I can reproduce it. I think I’ll need to test it on a device that hasn’t been used before though.

I was able to get it to show by using a different browser than I normally use. I have an iPhone and I opened it in Chrome.

Made with glide also shows on my enterprise app

Do you face the same issue @Darren_Murphy ?

This is showing on my page too, even with white-labeling enabled.


Also hamburger menu was not appearing on pages yesterday. Now it is :thinking:


I’ve let engineering know.


Just wanted to update that after doing some further testing I also got the popup once I had added the app to my Home Screen from Safari when I was using a new email. And mine shows the Made with Glide image in the LHM as well. Thanks for having the engineering team look into it.

This will be removed early in the new year.

Okay, thanks. But until then, the popups will continue to show regardless of which plan you’re subscribed to? I just want to be able to set expectations with our stakeholders since we have several large events coming up before then.

It should be removed in the next few days–I believe it will make our final merge before code freeze over holidays.