Hide Row Data Until Action Occurs

Hello - can anyone help me figure out how to keep a row on sheet1 (AllBusinesses) hidden from app view until a row on sheet2 (MOLB App Sales) is written to? The sheet2 row is being fed from Zapier and has a 15 min delay. I don’t want the row on sheet1 to be visible in the app until I get the sales data filled in.

I have tried making multiple relations and lkups, but nothing I’ve tried thus far is keeping the column on sheet1 → “DisplayBusiness?” from saying YES until sheet2 has been written to. I’m open to a script if that’s what needs to be done. I’m confident there’s a way to do this - my mind just isn’t leading me there yet. Let me know if I need to provide any additional information in order for you to assist with this question.

If there’s a relation between the two sheets, you should be able to filter the view if the relation is empty or not empty.


Thanks for your help @! I created the relation where the Email value in sheet1 (AllBusinesses) matches the value in sheet2 (MOLB App Sales). You were right. It’s blank where I want it to be blank and just let it run it’s course, and the row showed up once that blank field was filled.