Hard question about data visibility

I want to do something currently above my head.

It is even hard to explain:

I want basically to be able to when someone click a button, they get data temporarily hidden, for as long as the button makes it to be. I want to know if it’s possible to do this, if I can customize the visibility of data based on date maybe.

So if someone clicks the button, the data is hidden for x amount of time that preferably can be customized by me too.

Anyone know if something like this is possible?

Cheers! Robin

Hi Robin,

I found a way to do this, but it needs for the app to refresh.
I used an app I made for a conference to demonstrate it:

If you go in the top right corner, you can edit the date and the data will appear at this time.
But, if you want the data to appear or disappear, you need to refresh the app.

If you are still interested in this workaround, I can show you how.


Here’s what I’m thinking. Have the button on a page that contains the information you want to hide so that it’s associated to that row in the sheet. Perform a Zapier action on the button that will edit the row based on the row ID where you have a timestamp that gets added upon the button press. then you have anither column in your sheet with a second date time set at a particular interval more than the timestamp (eg. 15 minutes). Then have another column that’s doing a calculation based on whether that timestamp is now and if so in the glide layout you hide the element again.

There will be significant lag between the time the button is pressed and the time where it will be hidden again. I’d give yourself at least 10 minutes for this to work (if it does at all). Just brainstorming.


Another thought is to use a choice component in the horizontal layout to look like a button. Make the choice required to hide the ‘-’ option. Clicking on the choice would write the value to the sheet.

Then you could run a script or zap when that column value changes and have it set a date time for the future in another column and clear out the column set by the choice component.

Now you can set visibility to only show the choice component when the column it sets is empty and the date time column is on our before now.

This should eliminate any issues with lag.

This is off the top of my head, so no guarantees that it would work, but I think it’s possible.

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I like it! Ever since seeing the post New Row in Spreadsheet for Every User , I’ve been using Choice components as buttons. Using it in my next app template in fact (releasing it today…stay tuned!)


Yep @Wiz.Wazeer put that in my head too. Kinda brilliant in it’s simplicity.


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