Hide breadcrumb when on first screen

Hey guys,

In pages, is there an easy way to hide a breadcrumb when you’re on the first screen in the chain?

For example, my app has tables for projects, jobs, tasks, bookings and has a breadcrumb component on the project, job, task and booking detail screens. There is no breadcrumb component on the main tab, “projects”, which has the list of projects - there is no need for it because it is the first screen you see and would be pointless.

If you navigate to the task detail screen you have “projects > project > job > task” as the breadcrumb. Great, this makes sense.

However, I have a separate “calendar” tab that has a list of bookings from all different projects (it basically acts as a calendar showing what work is coming up). From a button on each of the bookings, the user can open the related job’s detail screen in an overlay as a quick means of seeing a summary of all other upcoming tasks & bookings for that job (for planning purposes). When doing so, the breadcrumb is just “job”.

I could create a new job screen without a breadcrumb but then it is another screen to maintain for no good reason.

My instinct is that this shouldn’t be the expected behaviour and this topic may be more of a feature request or bug report along the lines of “if the breadcrumb only contains 1 step, then don’t show it”. Is there any reason to show a 1 step breadcrumb? If so, I’ll make a new screen :sweat_smile:

^ I can’t see the setting mentioned by the bot.

Just discovered Glide Pages: Better Breadcrumbs and could make the “job” overlay show “project > job” as the breadcrumb, but would still look better without the breadcrumb, given that you already have the screen title at the top.

Can’t you just delete the breadcrumbs component from that screen, or am I missing something?

I need it for when I navigate normally. projects > project > job > task > booking

It’s only an issue coming from the other tab because the overlay just shows “job”. If I delete it then I lose it for normal navigation.

@glide please stop making random stuff up. If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay to just keep quiet. We won’t think any less of you :slight_smile:

Okay, so you’re calling the same screen from two different places, right?

What you could do is create a User Specific Boolean column in the underlying table, and then set that column on the way into the screen, then use the state of the column to control visibility of the breadcrumbs component.

So on each of the actions that open that page, change it to a custom action with two steps. Step 1 to set the boolean, and step 2 to show details.

Does that make sense?



Ya, I follow. Not sure I have updates to burn on navigation though :frowning:

Yeah, that’s the downside.

The alternative would be to use a Show New Screen action for one of them. Then you get a separate screen to work with.

I can’t think of any other alternatives off the top of my head.

…unless you can find that magic “Hide Breadcrumbs” switch that the bot keeps referring to :joy:

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Yep, might have to be a new screen :+1: