Hide a details page functionality

Hello Glide Community,

For my app, I want to give the users the option of hiding the product details pages that aren’t good for them.


I am building a real estate app and I have let’s say 100 listings. Whenever a user goes through them, I want him to have the possibility of pushing a button that hides an apartment which is not good for him.

Is this possible?
Thank you for your help

You can have a user-specific boolean column to store a “Hide” value.

Then in the details page of each item, make a button with the combo action:

  • Set value “True” to the “Hide” column above.
  • Go back
  • Show notification “Item has been hidden”
  • Play sound (if needed)

Filter the main screen’s list by Hide is not True.


That is so elegant. I will start building it. Thank you @ThinhDinh

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Feel free to let us know if you need more help!

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It is working perfectly :slight_smile:

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