Hi, I'm Karim, sales analyst and no-code maker


My name is Karim and I’m from :morocco: but studied in :fr: for 5 years and then worked in :austria: for another 6 :blush:.

Most of my productive time is spent working for the clients of my sales & finance consultancy.
When I’m not doing that, I dabble around with some no-code tools (mostly Glide :grin:), love to read, listen to podcasts and watch sports.

My fiancée and I love traveling so we’ve decided to leave :austria: and are traveling for the next 6-12 months.

Excited to be part of this community!


Hi Karim, welcome to the community.
Curious, what other no code tools do you use?


Hi Sandro thanks for the welcome!

So far I’ve used:
carrd.co for landing pages,
Zapier for automation,
Airtable for databases,
And sheet2site for library/list type websites.

Right now though I’m primarily focusing on Glide for 2-3 apps my fiancée and I are building!

What about you?

Welcome international traveler Karim.

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Thanks George!

I’ve only really used Glide. I’ve played around with webflow for some stuff.

Welcome, and adroit use of emoji! :star_struck:


Thanks David :raised_hands::grin:!

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this post!

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I :thinking: he had way too much :timer_clock: on his :open_hands: