Hi from lima -perú (looking how to develop a tinder app with register and login password)

Hi, my name is Abner from Lima, Perú. I have some of experience using FF and Flutter, but now I want to test a project similar to a Tinder App, and discoveried glide this week. I’m really new in glide and I have some doubts. I’ve checked templates of tinder apps in glide, but I remain some doubts. It’s possible an initial page to login/register with ID and Password user from the app? (I suppose yes, becouse this is a very common requirement, but I need to confirm). And, how many user can I have registered in my app in free plan (I see something like 10 public users in free plan, does it mean only 10 users can be registered in my app with free plan)?


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No, Glide only supports Google auth and email pins as methods of authentication.

Assuming you’re having a public app here, then only 10 users can sign in to your public app, each month.


Hey Abner, I see Thinh already answered your direct questions but I thought I’d chime in too more generally. I have some experience with Flutter too, but I mostly build in Glide. My main app that got me started with Glide is a friending app that works very much like tinder (but for friends). Glide won’t be a truly scalable platform for a social app like tinder, as the update cost will simply be too much. However, you can probably manage 2-10k users alright, and the real benefit comes from how fast you can try out new ideas. Implementing all sorts of ideas you may have to make your app more unique, more successful at people finding connections, better retention etc. Let Glide be your playground and then if you find the users are starting to pile on, then go build the core features that matter most into your Flutter app.

Feel free to tag me if you have specific questions as you’re building. I have a pretty robust app now with a lot of the extra features often missing from templates… proper security, user approval by admin, blocking, reporting, user preferences for who they see and can be seen by (proximity, gender, age, etc.) And I’m super conscious about update costs because if you build you app without that in mind, and then have a few thousand people swiping and chatting, Glide gets unaffordable really fast. So you just have to be mindful in what actions you use, and where users are writing data.

Anyway, welcome to Glide and have fun building! You’re sure to find lots of helpful people here in the forums that can help along the way.