Hey how do I clear multi-select 'Choice' item?

I am building some forms for people to fill out to request introductions. Every time I go back to a form, it has the last persons options selected. I don’t know if this happens in a live environment, but definitely is in the test one. Thanks!

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Hey, I did a pre-built one and then duplicated/edited it. The options are displayed from another collection (the company one from other thread). It all submits ok, it just doesn’t clear the next time you go back to the form.

How are you building the form?

Are you using one of the native form options (Show Form Screen, etc), or are you creating your own custom form?


It sounds like it’s behaving like a custom form.
With a native form, this is never a problem. Form entries are held in memory and only committed to the target table when the form is submitted. Every time the form is opened, it is reset.

How are rows added when the form is submitted?
Does this happen automatically, or are you using an Add Row action?